CentOS4 or Fedora Core 6?

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I've read other posts about which Linux distros to be familiar with for the Linux+ exam. I've read that the big 3 to be familiar with are Red Hat, Debian, and Slackware, which is understandable since they have the longest current track record.

Concerning Red Hat, which would be closer to the Red Hat distro, and therefore better to learn more about for the exam: their community Fedora Core or the Red Hat clone CentOS?

I'm assuming that Fedora is going to be different than the 'actual' Red Hat. I'm also assuming that CentOS might be lagging a little behind the current Red Hat available.

Thanks in advance!


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    For the Linux+ exam, stick with Fedora. All the training material you'll come across uses one edition of Fedora or another, and the exam assumes you're using Fedora for rpm-based distros. If you stick with Debian, Fedora, and Slackware, you'll cover all your bases for distro-specific stuff for the exam. I'd recommend waiting to experiment with variations and other flavors until after you've passed, when you don't have to worry so much about specific details of each distro, so much as explore the functionality of each.

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