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There are several security concerns in the internetwork. Develop a Access Control LIsts (ACLs) to address security issues. the following are the concerns:

1. The company has an intranet web server host that all systems can reach at ip address with only http access. no other protocols will be permitted to this site.

2. The company also has a server pool in the 209.0.0./24 network. The server pool addresses are divided in half. The servers in the upper half of the address range are reachable only by management host using all possible IP protocols. The servers in the upper half of the address range are not reachable by production hosts using all IP protocols. The server should not be accessible by any other hosts.

3. The company has discovered an Internet Web server at that is known to contain viruses. All hosts are to be banned from reaching this site.

4. The web browser on both hosts can bring up login of ip address

These security requirements should be accomplished with a single access list. Plan the access list required to accomplish these tasks, to which interface this will be applied, and the direction the list will be applied


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