First Day at Work Went Well

cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
I got back from a grueling first day of work. I probably drove over 100 miles today driving from place to place. The people I work for seemed to be very impressed with how well I did for my first day (I was too). The problems I had to deal with didn't seem too bad, but I feel great knowing I could fix them nonetheless. I found out that I will only be receiving the lower pay ($15 computer/$20 network) for one week and then I will be bumped to ($25 computer/$30 network). I was excited to get my first job, but to get paid this well makes it so much better. I realize that this was only my first day, but I think that things are really going to work out here, as the owner and his wife have taken a liking to me. I would encourage anyone to keep looking for a job. I had been looking for a job since May, and this one finally panned out (Ironically the one with the best pay). Just apply to anything that you find, and hope that they have some kind of test to evaluate candidates (Hopefully not multiple-choice). That's how I was given a chance at this job. My answers were very thorough and well thought out, and I guess that's what made them take a chance on a 19 year old with no prior work experience. Thanks so much to the Webmaster and all of, because without you guys I don't know if I would have made it. :D I wish everyone luck, and I still plan on taking 70-214 on Thursday, so watch out MCSA:Security. :D



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    Well done! It's good to see something encouraging coming into these pages.

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    Excellent Cheeblie, I'm glad your hard work is starting to pay off :D
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    nice work, hopefully you will have a good future working there. Do they happen to offer tuition reimbursment for you?
  • cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    No, they don't offer any tuition reimbursement, but I'm not going to school right now anyway. I probably won't try online classes for at least a year. I'll wait until I'm settled in with my job and new place before I try for a degree. They do however offer a discount on CompTIA exams, so I may go after i-Net+ and Linux+ just for the h3ll ( :P ) of it. :)

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    glad it's going well. don't forget that when you have been working there a few years and have influence with the management, that you could help some of us out getting a job ;)
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    Congrats on the new job.....isn't it great when someone recognizes your hard work and effort.... :D:D
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    Good job, dude! All that hard work finally paid off for ya.
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    dam how you get a job like that? icon_cry.gif
  • cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    I applied to pretty much everything I saw, and someone finally gave me a chance. But I don't think most people would want this job, as I don't seem to get home until 8, and I work Saturdays. The pay is great, but I have to sacrifice a lot.

  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    How old are you? icon_wink.gif
  • tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    smart man.. i tell you, while i was in school, i gave up alot.. the parties, the parties, and the girls.. yep.. thats alot to me.. but i said the hell with it.. iworked my ass off everday after school b/c some ISP gave me a chance to access all their equip.. i was even on call on the weekends.. congratz on the job.. who cares if you give up fun here n there.. trust me.. the money makes up for it and when you get enough experience and investment in the company (if u plan on sticking around) then you will be able to flex your time better and start to enjoy your weekends agian.. the pay rate for your is great.. hell when i first started off i was getting 10/hour with no degree and no certs.. good job bud. stick with it and gain all the hands on, at the age of 19 this is major for you.. 3 years from now you will truely understand why this job was soo important for your future.
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    Congrats! :D You know something? I want to become just as good as you ( icon_lol.gif ) when I'm 19 years old! I still have about 2 years of time before that's good. You're really really far, and you know that!

    (WHAT?! You're having a 19 year old fix my systems!?)
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