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What I need for a possible project is a batch of small sized USB Flash Drives.

Anyone know where they still sell like the 16MB variety?

Yes i know its like going to a car dealer and asking for a horse and cart icon_lol.gif

Oh and on a side note I saw 2GB Kingston USB Flash Device for under £10 at this link:

(Im also looking for a decent sized (cheap but reliable) USB drive for work)
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    Somebody might be dumping old inventory like that on eBay or There must also be a few computer surplus dealers out there that might have a gross or two of 16MB or 64MB USB drives to sell. shows no new USB drives under 128MB.
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    If by batch you mean 40+ then you might try trash and trinkets advertising companies that make logo-ed pens, key fobs etc.. Here is one that ships world wide and has 16MB ones starting at U.S. $5.99 . Keep in mind that generally small sizes like this are only USB 1.1 compliant but that may be what you want anyway.

    For a high end device you may wish to check its speed so that it will be Vista ReadyBoost compliant. Many drives are pretty dismal in the speed area as Vista testers are finding out. Sandisk Cruzer's and Apacers drives seem to be the winners right now. Here is an article at zdnet.

    Anyhow good luck on your search.
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    My name is Ruben. I read your post in reference to 16Mb flash drives. My company does still have these drives in stock! We market these as a low cost entry in the corporate branding market for trade shows, but I also get inquiries as Dongle and auto run processors.

    you can reach me at [email protected] for more information.


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