New to cisco and CCNA.

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Hello folks,

today i signed up for a CCNA exam

the exam will take place at febuary the 15th.

Now from what i understand the exam has completely changed over the years.

A) when was it changed (year)

B) how can i know if a book contains the updated material added\changed to the exam

If you got any more tips please share it with me.




  • SUBnet ZEROSUBnet ZERO Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    hey mike, just get the most recent CCNA exam book - i love the EXAM CRAM ; it was published 2005 and is up to date. It will basically cover everything you need to know

    Good Luck and post your results! SUBnet Zero
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    Hi Mike,

    You should check out the CCNA 640 - 801 Objectives on the Cisco website and compare it to the contents of the book.

    The best books to get are the Cisco Press self study books or Sybex 5th Edition by Todd Lammle. There are some other suggestions if you search through previous posts in this forum.

    One thing I would say from reading your post is that I do not believe the CCNA is not "do-able" in just over 2 weeks if you are "New to Cisco and CCNA" and plan to sit on 15th Feb but hey that's just my may prove me wrong :D

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