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I just wanna know if anyone has taken the A+ OS recently, if yes, on which OS did they insist on the exam XP, 2000, NT or 95/98 ?

Thx guyz!


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    Those who have taken the exam signed a non-disclosure agreement not to share such details about 'their' particular exam, and you are asking people to violate our registration terms. So you might want to put your question differently, without explicitely asking anyone who recently taken the exam to disclose what they had.

    Use the exam objectives published by CompTIA to prepare for 'your' exam and you'll have a good guideline. Another thing you could do is look at the Index for related study guides, which you can often read online for free (i.e. at the publishers' sites are amazon.com).

    Anyway, you should focus primarily on the more recent ones (2000 and XP).
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    Sorry but it has never been my intentions to bring people to violate the registration terms. I might have just formulated my question in a wrong way, but thanx for the advices anyway.
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    Once you have a copy of the objectives as Johan suggested above, you will be able to answer your question above for yourself.

    Keep in mind, many of the newbie questions can be answered simply by knowing what is on the objectives and since the objectives are free and easy to obtain, it becomes the best place to start.

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