CCNA exam changes in summer?

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i heard that the CCNA will be completely changed in the summer and be added with many VOIP questions

is that true? thanks


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    Unless you can include a reliable source, we'll have to treat that as nothing but a rumor.

    That said, I do expect an update to the CCNA this year, and I think it will includes 'some' voice and IDS/IPS, more wlan, security. Probably mostly theory and some very basic commands. Just an educated guess, I haven't 'heard' anything. icon_wink.gif

    Regardless, if you are preparing for the CCNA now you should continue to focus on the current exam objectives. I think the current CCNA will remain available for 'at least' another year from now.
  • SUBnet ZEROSUBnet ZERO Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks webmaster, i plan to take it near the summer and was very worried i am studying for naught.

    the info i got about these changes were from my CCNA instructor, who told us expect some changes to the test, major or minor-not sure.

    but thanks
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    You really don't need to worry about that. Cisco exams are relatively up2date so what you learn could appear in the real world, which is eventually what matters. And even when the exam is updated/changes, many, and more likely 'most', of the topics will remain the same. Routing is still routing, switching is still switching, especially those basics remain mostly the same.
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    I doubt cisco will cram very many new subjects in to any potential update/review to the criteria. But maybe they will lighten up on the (lets be honest) "legacy" subjects they make you learn and add a few extra useful subjects such as voice/security etc.

    Goodluck in your exam.
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