Retake Security Plus

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icon_confused.gif Took S+ Nov 2006 n fail about to try again..........jus feel like don't matta how much i study still feel unprepared..... icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif this time i hope i pass


  • tibultibul Member Posts: 240
    Just keep at it you will pass, make sure to study well on the areas your weak on have also have varied sources of information like more that one study book etc.

    Good luck on your test :D
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  • Sulblk27Sulblk27 Member Posts: 148
    Your not alone in this one. I have failed also, took a few months away from it, and about to retake it again next week. The thing I am finding out is to use different sources, as I read the three books, I use the security objectives, write notes as I go. Not one book will have all info. Then take as many practice test you can find, here, from cd's of the books you have, etc. Feel comfortable enough - then retake the test. I feel I am at least 85% ready, so I am ordering the preplogic practice test book---once I take a few of those test, I'll reevaluate how I feel--since I can reschedule the test IF I'm not comfortable within myself...
    Keep plugging away--it WILL come, stay postive
    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
  • tonydotigrtonydotigr Member Posts: 129
    Get the new Sybex book and study hard.
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