password 640-821 today

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passed INTRO with a 900. I didn't really have any configuration sim, jsut troubleshooting ones, most of it was good, no isdn at all. I am scheduling for icnd in 3 weeks. i tihnk 3 weeks is enough since i studied as if i was taking the single exam rather than the 2 part. Also, the testing center was empty, so the guy did't care that i was 5 minutes late, damn pittsburgh traffic!

I can't wait to sit though the icnd!!!
i herd u leik mudkips lol


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    Congratulations on the 'password' and the 'pass'! ;)
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    Nothing like a little traffic to add to the excitement of the exam. icon_lol.gif I had a road construction traffic jam for my CCNA -- but since I had allowed some extra time I still got there early.
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    o, haha, sorry about the typo, i'm doing helpdesk all day and i've prolly typed the word password about 1000 times already
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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    haha this is a great source of humor... i liked this post... next time i pass an exam im sure ill be like "i passworded an exam!!" lol...
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    Congratulations ! nice title ! :P

    Good luck for ICND test ;)
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