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For some reason I can't seem to access it. I am an administrator, and even tried adding myself to the remote desktop users group and I'm still not seeing it. I inserted an XP Professional CD and tried to install it, but it tells me that it's already installed.

Why don't I see it under accessories/communications?
I tried another profile, but still nothing.

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    I think if you recently ran Windows updates there was an RDP updtae. You should find it now under Start>All Programs>Accessories.

    Otherwise try %SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe, which you can simply launch from the RUN dialogue as mstsc.exe.
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    It is under My Computer, Right Click on My computer, go to properties. Click on the Tab that says Remote. Make sure Remote Desktop Connections has a check mark in it.

    That should allow you to remote into your desktop.
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    Yeah, it's already enabled...I just couldn't find the program. Mstsc.exe worked, thanks a lot.

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    I regularly use the command line mstsc /v:SERVERNAME also the -console switch if too many others are logged into the other sessions.
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