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Hi -

I am currently a MCSA (2000,2003) and I am currently studying for the 70-293 . Is subnetting a major issue for this exam ? I actually already have my CCNA but I just want to know if I need to put major time into subnetting for this one .

Also, how long did each of you prepare for the exam (x hrs per day etc ) .

Since I am already a MCSA (2000,2003) its hard to motivate to re-read another book which is mostly feeling like review .

Any suggestions would be appreciated .

Thanks !


  • BF2MadBF2Mad Member Posts: 171

    Subnetting is not a major part of this exam you have to know have to do it but I think I only got like 2 questions they were no big deal, maybe I was lucky :D

    I got ready for this exam doing a couple of hours a night over 2 weeks, but I only just passed with715.

    293 is very similar to 291 so know your 291 stuff inside out, in my case half the exam seemed to be on RRAS also have a play with certificates, clustering and NLB.
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