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Hey guys, I'm planning to sit the test the middle of February and was wondering if there were any access list simulations or other in depth sims on the test, I would figure those would be in the ICND but not the Intro. I have been studying pretty well and in most study aids I haven't seen any of those but one test prep for the Intro did have a sim on access list. I'm trying to narrow my field of study so if I don't need to study that now I can focus more on other weak areas of mine. Also, I notice on the practice test allot of times if there are multiple answers it tells you to pick 2, 3, etc.., is it like that on the real test? I'm a bit nervous as it's been 2 years since I've tested and that was for the Novell CNA in Netware 6, I have been working in a Cisco environment for 2 years now but I mostly deal with switches and not routing so that is a weak spot for me. Thanks in advance for any responses.


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    This gives you a breakdown of what to expect on the 640-821 INTRO exam.

    You can also goto the Cisco Prepcenter and practice some INTRO questions.

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    Thanks, I have gone to the Cisco site and I use a combination of resources from that site, the Wendell Odom book from the Cisco Press on the Intro, the resources on the CDROM from the book, and some info from and older Sybex book I have. I'm reading the book for a 2nd time and going over the practice test and simulations also, and will possibly try to read the book a 3rd time before finally sitting for the test (I'm on chapter 8 right now and hope to finish it tonight, trying to do 2 chapters a day and other study).
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    i have not used the wendell odom book, how is it compared to lammle's book?

    I would say to know the basics, like the layered architecture model, routed protocols, and subnetting
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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    i have not used the wendell odom book, how is it compared to lammle's book?
    It seems a bit drier to me, Lammle's writing is a bit funner to read in my opinion. Any one know about the multiple anwers thing (where if you need more than one answer it tells you "pick 2 anwers", etc...)?
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