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I am trying to find out some first hand information about Dell certs. Just wondering what it takes to get one and if anyone here has it. Trying to figure out if the exams are hard and the best way to achieve them. Any help is appreciated.


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    There is a thread on the first page of this subforum on this topic, I think there are a couple of folks with it here.
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    It's really not very credible in my opinion, I was a Dell certified in 2003 and 2004 in several of their laptop and desktop lines, basically my work did warranty repair and paid them money to be in the program. We took the test online and it was basically an open book test as they provide you a link with the reference materials online for the answers. The Lexmark printer certs were a similar deal. The test don't cover general pc knowledge, they are very specific to a certain make and model number and therefore you almost have to either know the manual by heart for each one or use the online materials.
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    I agree, the test is not really creditable (for the industry) but the info can be useful. Depending on which test you take it can give you info on the proper way to remove hardware like fans, memory modules, harddrives, etc. Every manufactuer is a little different and the tests can help if you have never worked on Dell hardware. It's nice to know this info when your standing on one foot on a chair in a 58 degree server room holding the phone to one ear while trying to remove a fan tray from a server with the other hand. :) I've taken and passed all of the test that Dell offers and it can come in handy if you work in an all Dell shop.
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    The biggest benefit is being able to order parts directly from Dell. At least thats what I was told at one job when I worked at a college computer lab.
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    kevozz wrote:
    The biggest benefit is being able to order parts directly from Dell. At least thats what I was told at one job when I worked at a college computer lab.
    bingo, that and your shop get's paid for you replacing the part under warranty
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    I have Dell certs. It only lets me order parts direct and work on Dell boxes without voiding the warranty.
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    wizmyth wrote:
    I have Dell certs. It only lets me order parts direct and work on Dell boxes without voiding the warranty.

    Which is why it is worth getting the Dell certs, at least if you work on a lot of Dell boxes.
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    I got DCSE through my last employer. IMO, the tests are rather ponderous. You really need to know each model fairly well. And there are so many tests, you have to take to stay certified. I would never pay for them myself.....
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    Just passed the DCSE Foundation 2005 Desktop test.

    As my employer is a Dell "intsaller", Dell give us access to the material and tests on line. I'm actually a Desktop Support Officer for a health service and we buy and install Dell desktops.

    I am told aprat from ordering Dell parts, we can get priority when we call through the customer service.
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    I'm taking Foundation 2005 Desktops exam tomorrow.
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    Been trying to find out this information from my rep, who now claims things have 'changed' again....but he's just a bit short of being useless when it comes to anything other then an exactly configured Server quote. My old rep was VERY helpful (go figure the guy was promoted).

    I was surprised to find you (we) will need to pay for each exam. Sounds pretty crummy. CA, Linksys and a few others allow you to take the exams but do not charge you. The point is to make sure their sales/tech VARs are educated on the products not about making $$ on the exams.

    Anyway..I'll go look for the other thread.
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    Believe it or not, I first registered for the DCSE way back in April 2002 while with another employer - just never got around to testing. In fact, when accessing the program website earlier this month, I had to update my info.

    This year, though, I'm committed to earning it along with some others. Gotta pay for the exam myself and submit for reimbursement.

    Thanks to everyone for all the responses in the other thread. The information found there about DCSE was very informative. That's one of the reasons this site just rocks so much.
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