CompTIA Security+: More than 30,000 now certified

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The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) announced today (January 15, 2007) that its CompTIA Security+ certification, a benchmark of information technology (IT) security implementation skills, has been attained by more than 30,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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    Just got mine about 30 minutes ago :) I wonder if I am 30,001 ;) got an 830. Preplogic questions were harder then the real deal. Im glad its over tho. Woot Woot!
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    This cert is fairly popular. I am curious to see if it has helped anyone here get a job or advance there career.
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    I dont think it would really help advance a career. I do feel that any knowledge will help build a career into a better one.

    Passing this test will not advance me any further, however, my department head is now giving small pay increases for certs passed. They are also now paying for materials and the test itself. The raises are not much tho, only 3 to 5 hundred per cert, but i will take it cause i dont do it for the money. I like to be better at my work ;)
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    Non-Profit, what did you use to prep for this exam? I have tried several exam preps and took the test but they were totally off on the question types, so I failed it.

    Can you help?
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    The book that helped me the most and was perfect for studying for this test was Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals Second Edition by Thomsom Course Technology. This book is also Comptia Quality curriculum Authorized material. I think the book goes into just the perfect amount of detail for the exam. The ISBN number is 0-619-21566-6.

    As for training videos I used Testout for Sec+ which was also very helpful.

    For practice questions I used the Preplogic simulator. These questions were awesome, actually harder then the real exam and provide great insite into why certain answers are better then others. I was scoring in the 850s or below on these questions. Those really helped because when I got to the real exam I found the questions much easier. The answers sort of poped out at you because in the prep logic questions they sometimes had two answers that looked like they could be correct. The actual test seemed to make sure the answer could only be one choice.

    I was more then happy with an 830 on the first try after reading about how many dont make it on the first try. (they sort of freaked me out and made me scared to take the test) I made sure I was well prepared for this exam. Dont rush to the test center if you are not 85% sure you will pass.
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    Yay, I'm a statistic!

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    sthomas wrote:

    This cert is fairly popular. I am curious to see if it has helped anyone here get a job or advance there career.

    Within the DoD it will help people keep their jobs due to DOD Directive 8570.1. All new hires that are working a certain IA level will need this. Current employees have a couple of years to get it. So if you want to work for the DoD (civilian/contractor) there is a good chance you will have to have the Security+ depending on what you do.
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