Can this be taken first?

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Hey guys

Is it possible to take this exam first If i have not taken any other MS exam before, or is that just crazy talk? * i have a reason ;) But, does this exam stick to the subject matter in the MS book or does it assume you have the knowledge from the other MS test such as 290 ext..

Anyone done it without much AD experiance?



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    Yes you can take this one first if you like. Although I have not taken it yet I believe it does have questions from other exams though.
    Good luck!
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    there is no prerequisit but I do not think you should take it first

    yes there is always some overlap with MS exams... you will see questions about permissions I'm sure in every exam... I've only done the 270 and the 290 and for the practice question on the 291 I still get a few abuot NTFS permissions and delegatuion whcuhc was covered in the 270 and 290 (delegation more in the 290 if i rember correctly).

    I think tkaing 294 before 290 is kindda like putting the cart before the horse...AD runs on top of server 2003 (for lack of a better way to put it) so if u don't not underatnad the foundation how do u understand what is added to it.

    ood lcu kwith what ever you do but unless your fairly expereinced I don't thnk the 294 exam is the best for starting out. if you gonna start somewhere start where your strongest
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    I actually have to do alot of the planning for AD at work. Microsoft met with us two weeks ago and will be reviewing the plan we create for structure and all , but they will not be there to help with the install other than just making sure we start in a logical fashion. We are going to be installing in the next few months so i figured i should read up and watch all the cbt videos i have on AD before that time comes. I am familar with 2003 , but not to the extent of being able to pass an MS exam on it. The cool part is that we are only gonna have one domain, which should keep it simple. And we have a MAN with gig links from each location. (20 locations, 19 schools and City Hall)

    And then shortly after comes the Exchange2007, which will be supported at first, and then we will be managing that directly. And then comes the sharepoint server, lol

    This year is gonna be NUTS@! but im excited to be learning at the speed of when I first starting IT.


    PS, anyone have any ideas on AD stucture for an educational structure like this? ;)
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