Command Line Questions on Exam

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I've been reading 2 books for the exam. My Sybex book didn't cover any command like tools where as the Syngress book has covered a bunch of commands in the first 2 chapters already

Sybex mentioned NTDISUTIL and that was about it
Syngress talks about everything else DSADD, WHOAMI, ETC.
Are the commands important to know for the exam?


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    They are extremely important to not justknow for the exam, but to know as a Windows Administrator. 70-290 focuses a lot on DS utilities. I think it is imperative for a Windows Administrator to know the DS commands. Keep in mind, you do not have to know all the switches, but know how the command works, and know how to do basic things. These basic things include adding users, checking what groups they are in, etc... Also, the other command is actually NTDSUtil. You MUST know this command and what it can do. It allows you to change FSMO roles, do an authoritative restore, do a metadata cleanup, and more.
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