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Hi every one i finished MCSE, security specialize but i have seen on some of the jobs companies ask about Citrix....

Would a Citrix Certified Administrator certification be in high demand in the job market ? is it really important to take if i am working as Admin...........i hate exams.......



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    Congrats on the MCSE!!!!!

    Citrix is a very popular thing these days mainly in areas where people need to have the same sets of applications such as helpdesks etc, and area where users need to do heavy work over a slow link.

    It is coll say you want a user to have MS Word add thwm to an AD group and the user has it instant, plus the application will be load balanced over your Citrix servers so the user will always get there apps no need to ever re-install on the users pc.

    Plus you can get a Thin Client box, that is this tiny computer that just has like Windows CE or xp embedded (no hard drive etc) and all it does is give the user a load balanced Citrix desktop, no more desktop computers to support and no more boring setups or moves of computers :D and they are cheaper than a desktop

    To get your Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) which is the first step on the Citrix path there is a online 2 hour required course which is just an intro and then one exam that does not really relate to the online course, I think you just have to take the course so they get more money off you :D

    I am a real fan of Citrix (as you may tell), I think it has a place in most companies and will only grow.

    Once I have my MCSE I will be going down the Citrix path.
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    I have found Citrix to be a niche markets. A lot of the ads for Citrix people are also looking for experience with the product.

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