Taking CCSA/CCSE NGX in 2007

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After a long break from getting certs, I am back on track in studying and getting ready to catch up. Checkpoint is next for me.

I got my CCSA in NG and never followed through with CCSE. I have read some of the documentation provided by CheckPoint and have decided to start on my CCSA/CCSE NGX path. The problem I have seen is, it appears that not many people are going after CheckPoint certs.

Any comments on this would be appreciated.



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    I'm in the middle of studying for CP certs myself. I recently passed CCSA NGX and have NSA/CCSE/CCSE+ planned for the following months. Forget what other people are doing. What's right for you? - Check Point is one of (perhaps THE) the major firewall brands worldwide. If you're into firewalls,go for it. In my area people with Check Point skills are in very high demand.

    About what other "people" are doing, it depends a lot of the particular forum. In some security forums, most people do Sec+ --> CISSP --> CISM/CISA. On TechExams, most people have some + certs combined with MS stuff.If an ignorant person would start using just one forum as a basis of their knowledge, he/she would probably go with what are the norm on that particular site. Do fall for that. icon_wink.gif
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    Do a search on the major jobsites and you will see quite a few references to checkpoint. If less people are going for it that actually makes it more attractive since it is obviously popular with employers, less competition (should) = greater compensation for your skills. My interest in it (besides the plain old geek-knowledge factor) is a number of security contract jobs usually specify Cisco first (CCSP) but list Checkpoint as desirable, extra ammunition in going for that position you really want.
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    Thanks for the post guys. I was thinking along the same lines. I support 2 NGX gateways and since I work with it, I might as well go for the cert. I have the course books when I went to NGX class over a year ago, so I will read that along with the current documentation and see what happens.

    Good luck with CCSA/CCSE!
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