I passed Net+ and heres my experience with it.

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All your Net+ are belong to me! I passed, YAY!

This is my experience with the test.

Wierd thing is, I feel a little down after passing. I want a score to brag about, but a 687doesnt do that for you so much. I didn't put enough effort into dial-up so I got pinched there. Also, not having worked a day in IT, I got alot of the trouble shooting questions wrong, which seems the majority of my test. My report showed all most all I got wrong where trouble shooting questions. I was expecting more protocol and NOS questions. I only got one, count em, one IP question and 3 OSI model related questions.

My test consisted of mostly trouble shooting, dial-up and Appletalk questions, all the areas I am weak in. Oh well, I did it. At least I know my target weak areas better. So be warned, the test can throw some curve balls. Make sure you cover everything... If you want a score to brag about.

As far as comparing the test to a prep exam, Measure-UP and (I guess certt-kkiller is banned here) are by far the closest.
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    lol, i love the filter icon_lol.gif
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    [congratulations :D
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    why is it banned? icon_confused.gif
    why is it a **** icon_confused.gif
    be happy
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    It is a form of cheating. I would also recommend you edit your post so you are not advertising a **** product for others to see.

    And to the op, using cheating materials is not the answer to being a certified individual. Since you feel you scored pretty low even after using a cheating material product, I would suggest you go over the material and make sure you fully understand the objectives. Perhaps you did not know that the product you were using was cheating, but hopefully after seeing here that the material you used is **** material, that you will decide not to use it again for whatever exam you take next.
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