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Damm this exam.... i was so tempted to take this. I took it too soon. I scored 660.
There were no major Crypto Qs. Too confusing Qs. Very slippery exam I should say. I used the xam cram 2 and boson tests to prepare. ThEY will not help. So I just bought myself a Microfot Press Book. let me try with this one.

I can take all the help I can now. And blessings too.
I am taking this exam in 10 days again.



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    Bless you :D

    Why take it again in 10 days icon_confused.gif are you in a rush to get the cert?
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    I have a tight schedule here. I want to get as many certifications as I can get before Jan. I am aiming at S+ MCSE 2003 Sec. CCNA in the next 3 months. I am not sure if I can finish all the three. Hmm. Maybe with a little bit of luck and loads of herlp from you guys I will . :):D
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    please post a list of the individual exams you are going to take. Are you taking the MCSE 2003 upgrade exams? Are you going to recertify your CCNA?
    I am not sure if I can finish all the three. Hmm. Maybe with a little bit of luck and loads of herlp from you guys I will.
    Depending on the exams you took so far (any electives yet for MCSE?) and the time you plan to spend on studying (20-40 hours per week minimum) it should be doable. icon_wink.gif

    Let us know when we can help you out :D
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    My situation : The past five years, I worked in the ares of Telecommunications IT Infrastructure & IT Project Management
    I hold a MBA, MCSE 4.0 CCNA 2.0 & CCNP. These certifications really helped me climb up fast, took me from and engineer to an infrastrcuture PM. Now my co. retrenched my team (40 of us) following Telecom downfall, this was sept. Now that I have time till jan befor i get hired again, I decided to update myself and move towards the better prospects -IT Security

    So I have to give all these again - MCSE Security
    Exam 70-210
    Exam 70–290
    Exam 70–291
    Exam 70-293
    Exam 70-294

    Exam SY0-101
    Exam 70-298
    Exam 70-299

    I have choosen to enter the Security Track for Cisco so I am starting again with CCNA - 640-801 (later Yr04 - CSSP)

    The next phase would be Specializing (yr04 - CCSP CISA & CISSP) havn't planned for these yet.

    I am starting the MoC track 2003 tomorrow which will complete in 5 weeks. I know its a tight schedule and i am used to it. I am putting in 70 - 80 hrs a week. As it seems I was a workoholic.
    - cheers
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    Yellow wrote:
    Now my co. retrenched my team (40 of us) following Telecom downfall, this was sept.
    Dude, the telecom downfall started in 2000. Why the heck have you waited so long to re-tool for another industry? The dramatic plummet in telecom/telco stock prices over the past three years should have signaled you to bail.


    A Former Telecom/Telco Employee Who Invested Far More In His Former Company's Employee Stock Purchase Plan Than He Should Have.
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    Should be a lot of work, but very doable if you can put in that many hours. Good luck! I hope it works out for you, keep us posted.

    One thing I don't get though... why restart with CCNA? If you take an exam with the 642 prefix or a specialization exam you'' be recertified automatically.
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    Yellow - > jdmurray : Right, should have moved out a year back atleast. This job gave me an opening into Project Management area (IT Infrastructure implementation).
    Infinite hours of travel to exotic places, $$, it was getting kinkier by the trip.

    BTW we made 2.5,3G Prepaid Systems and later moved to Banking gateways.

    Thanks for the info Webmaster. I didn't check that. I can start with MCNS . Well this gives me the liberty to add a lag on my schedule. Not to mention the $$ I will be saving. Overall I have a better acheivable milestone.

    Cheers Guys.
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