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You all mention security questions but I really don't know what this is referring to. What kind of questions did you all run into about security that was so hard?
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    It's been years since I've done my 70-270, but I will do my best to answer your question in regards to overall security concepts you will since on 70-270. Not questions, but concepts that you should study and understand for the exam.

    Encrypting File System (EFS)
    Cipher command-line utility
    Troubleshooting User and Group Accounts. Where do you find them, how to reset password, and what options you can configure for a user.
    How to enable and configure auditing. What is auditing? What is it used for?
    What is group policy? When can you use it? Why would you use it? What are the account policies in group policy?
    Know about cached credentials.
    How do you modify security settings in Internet Explorer? Know that you can configure proxy settings, intranet settings, trusted sites, restricted sites, etc... Know about cookie settings and how you can make your browser more/less secure. Know about disabling activex controls, etc...

    I'm sure there are more, but those are some of the few things you'll want to know. Good luck!
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