MCAD or MCPD for a newbie

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Iam Sun Certified Java Programmer and web developer,in the final year of BS and new to .Net .

Iam intrested in getting Microsoft Certification.., so please advice me

1)MCTS/MCAD which one is easier for a student (I'm not a developer,no real coding experience) and is it worth to go for MCAD after releasing of .Net 3.0 framework,is it still valuable?

2) which .net language to choose,either VB or C sharp ,
I heard C# is much familiar to JAVA than VB ,but i got some AppDev and LearnVisualStudio.net courses for VB.

As Iam a Student,I don't know much about Present Demands and Trends.
So please Suggest me,so that i'll be in right track. and tell some required study for a newbie like me

Thanks in advance,(pls don't say y did u wanted Certification at the first place)
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