CISM/CISA - worthwhile?

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Does anyone have any thoughts, gripes, etc. on the Certified Information Systems Manager or Certified Information Systems Auditor certs offered by ISACA?


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    why worry about our opinion just do a job search with those acronyms and your question will be answered.
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    blah blah blah
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    Original post was date "10-17-2003 01:51 AM".
    His last activity was in 2005.

    For all we know, he could be happily retired by now. icon_rolleyes.gif

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    Anyways I think it's worth it, as soon as I updated my profile on Linkedin with my CISA I got a bunch of calls for direct hire positions with some big companies.

    This morning I met for coffee with an HR rep for a large company to talk about a couple opportunities they just had opened up.

    Wish I hadn't procrastinated taking the test for so long.....
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    ha that's hilarious. i hate it when people revive dead posts for some reason. why do people do that?
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    It showed up as a new post when i saw it. maybe glitch by forum software. I dont have the energy to dig up old post. :)
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    Lol. We are trying to help. We rather use that last ounce of energy to help others than do anything else.
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    Look a bandwagon posting at ghosts!

    Looking at their certs, it seems like they decided that at least CISM was worth it.
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