Has anyone got information about this exam, i will be purchasing the OPK very soon and have just found out there is an exam dedicated to the use of it

Lee H


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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    What sort of information are you looking for Lee?

    You tend to post a lot of vauge questions on the forums?

    Have you look at MS site for their description of the exam?
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    This topic should also not be in our Off-topic forum which is the only one not created for discussing certifications. I moved it to the Other Electives forum in the Microsoft category.

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    Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135

    please accept my appologies Plantwiz, is it not my intention to post vague questions, and i may not know that people reading it would like more information

    My question here is about an exam that i didnt know existed until the other day, if anyone knew if it was easy or hard, wether you needed to know a lot of stuff to pass it, just the general things really.

    Let me know in future if i post anything vague and i will elaborate


    Lee H
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