70-297 Preparation

preparing for 70-297, anyone who has sat this exam any info on how long required to study for this. I have complete 294 does all the main technical knowledge carry over to 297. I am reading Sybex so far. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    Congrats on passing your 70-294. I found 70-297 to be mostly review, but more from a design point of view. There are several new subjects, however. These subjects include the following:
      * Upgrading from NT4 * Migrating from NT4 to 2003 using ADMT * Business structures (for example, cost center) * Administrative/resource structures (centralized/decentralized, for example) * Forest Designs (Why you would isolate data into another forest) * Domain Designs (Why you would create a second domain in a forest and not just create another forest) * Why have an empty forest root domain

    Good luck with 70-297 icon_exclaim.gif
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