Custom Safe Senders List

Is there a way to rollout a custom Safe Senders list to all Outlook clients without using GPO the Custom Configuration Wizard explained below?

We have one email address that keeps getting added to users' Junk E-Mail folder. Here is the thing... All of our inbound\outbound SMTP traffic is filtered for spam by a 3rd party vendor. And the email address being routed to our Junk E-Mail is actually an internal mailbox; however, the messages are being sent from a 3rd party that handles part of our HR recruiting.

Let me elaborate on how the mail flows:

3rd party HR company sends new hire approvals to our execs from [email protected] email address > The email is scanned by our spam filtering company and is then routed to our front end servers > From the front end server the message is checked for viruses by Symantec and then routed to our backend servers > Message is delivered to Outlook client's Junk E-Mail folder

I have whitelisted the HR companies public IP with our 3rd party spam filtering company; however, this obviously does prevent Outlook for marking it as Junk.

The IMF is installed (Because we are using 2003 SP2), but none of our SMTP virtual servers have IMF enabled.

So I am not not sure how to globally whitelist this address. I don't understand why the message would be moved to the junk mail filter since the email address does actually exist on our Exchange servers. You would think Exchange would know the mbx is local to our org eventhough the HR company is generating these emails with [email protected] in the from field.

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