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Having just passed my CCNA, I have just spent a few hours familiarizing myself with the CCNP a bit. It seems we have new tests and very little material at the moment!

So, my overall plan is to be CCNP and CCDP by the end of the year, with maybe some other stuff like a Linux+ and maybe a Windows Server MCP.

Looking for some advice here. Should I start the CCNP even though there is so little material? Start the CCDA even though I have heard it's better to have the CCNP knowledge under your belt first?

Feeling a little lost right now. Help me out!


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    Well, i passed CCDA first, now i'm going for CCNP.
    In my opinion CCDA gives you a good cover material for CCNP, you will get introduced to MPLS and CEF, VoIP, IPv6 and many other things. I found CCDA very interesting, overall it definetely gave me a description of how CCNP and CCDP will look like.
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