Passed 298- MCSE upgraded.

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Very easy test compared to the rest of them. I skimmed the scenario then went to the questions then went back and found the requirements. If the question was on PKI I went through and read the PKI requirements then answered the question without too much difficulty. Generally there were two obvious wrong answers that you could pick out without even reading the scenario.

Anyhow, 5 case studies ranging from 4-11 qestions and 13-38 minutes. I felt like I was only pressed for time on one of them where there was a lot of useless info to sift through.

MCSE is finally upgraded from NT4 to 2003. I am going to hammer out 299 on Friday then learn the ins and outs of ISA 2004 which I have never used. My boss was excited when I told him I wanted to learn it since we run it at work. Getting some hands on is always a good thing. :D


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    Congratulations on your upgrade. I take 299 next Friday. I plan on reading through my 298 book for a week after I do my 299 and then I am going to go try to take the exam. I hear it's really easy and I've spent a lot of time studying the security aspects of things when I was going through my MCSE. I just hope that 1 week isn't too short. I plan on reading most of the 298 book and then just going to take it. The only reason I am spending a week on it is because my job wants me to start doing other stuff such as learning vbscript/powershell/project management and they are giving me time to study on the job. They don't really want me going and doing the security specialization. Disappointing thing is I won't have time to do my ISA exam till around 4-5 months from now, if even then. I'll be quite busy with other things.
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    Congratulations, LERXST, on the pass on 70-298. And good luck to both of you on Friday, on the 70-299.

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    Great news :),

    I didn't know you could upgrade from NT4 to 2k3 still.
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    Great news :),

    I didn't know you could upgrade from NT4 to 2k3 still.

    Well, not upgrade in the form of taking an upgrade exam. The NT4 MCSE was virtually useless in the process of getting the MCSE 2003. I guess to correct term would have been updated?
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