failed with a 636

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Hey guys,

I have been studying with the 2003 edition of MS Press books. I felt I was fairly ready but knew I'd be weak on WSUS. I was disappointed that I failed since I passed the 290 with a 910. I have purchased Transcenders and enjoying the comprehensive nature of their questions/answers.

I am weak on name resolution, network security, and remote access. Any suggestions for tackling the beast again? Should I pickup another piece of material(s)? Thanks for the help.

Update: Passed 70-291 in May 2007. Thanks guys.
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    Check through some of the recent 291 topics, they are filled with tips and advice - not to mention horror stories of how tough this exam is... icon_eek.gif

    Sorry about your near-miss. You're within striking distance though so I'm sure you'll nail it next try. icon_cool.gif
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    I also used the MSPress book when I studied for this exam. I found going through the practice questions on the cd helped me a lot. Concentrate on your weak sections and you should be able to pass next time. I failed the 293 the first time but passed the second time I took it.

    Good luck!!!!
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    Well the tips are to concentrate on the weak areas that you mentioned. Additionally i'd set up a practice lab (if havent already) and practice a few things to enfore what you learn.

    Good luck, you will do it.
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    I agree that a lab setup is crucial to being successful on exams and to have a better grasp on the subjects overall. I would spend a bit more time focusing on those areas that you are weak on. There are several things you could do. One thing is to read up at the Technet website ( It is an excellent resource with lots of detailed documentation on how Microsoft technologies function. Play around with several virtualized servers, connect them together, try to break things, try to fix them, and just go at it. It's an excellent way to learn.

    Also, I would like to suggest that you purchase the CBT Nuggets as well. I know all these things for each exam can be very expensive, but they help tremendously. Re-reading the chapters in the book on the subjects you said you were weak on could only help as well. Try writing things you are weak on down in a notebook. This may help you commit it to memory better. At the end of each day, try to look over your notes.

    Good luck to you on your next attempt. Study some more, practice some more, and you'll nail the next attempt. Let us know how it goes!
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    so you guys pay $200 for this CBT nugget training video for each test?
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    Worth every cent....

    Put it this way, you should buy 2 books (one from MS), the other your choice.

    Then get the CBT nuggets for the exam.

    Then get some simulated questions,

    Then use flash cards.

    What ever works but these are the best materials that ive found....
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    You guys must be rich. There is no way i could afford to spend that kind of money on each test. Your talking close to $500 per test with books and test price. Are there any video trainings that arent so expensive?
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    Passed today with 760 to complete my MCSA on my first attempt.
    I am very happy to have passed having read how tough this one was supposed to be.
    I have to agree that I found it hard. This is my worst score yet.
    Used the Sybex book and the Exam Cram book for this one.
    I bought the Sybex book and was very happy with it and borrowed the Exam Cram book, don't think I'd ever pay for one. WSUS and DNS were the focus on my exam.
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