Unsure of readiness to take exam

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icon_confused.gif How do i really know if I am ready to take the N+ certification exam. I am one semester away from getting my bachleors degree in ICS and am currently in a course based around the exam. But being a student, I have limited funds and I don't want to waste $200. I take practice tests and fare well, yet I am still not 100% confident. Any advice that you seasoned proffesionals could give me would be appreciated.


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    CrossCross Member Posts: 234
    How do you know if you're ready?
    First, have you read a whole book pertaining to the exam objectives (materials) being covered? Go here;

    $200 is a lot of money. Many individuals are tight with money, easy to understand.
    Try downloading several studyguides off the net.
    From TechExams, MSMCSE, Cramsession.
    Those are just to name a few. Shy away from Braindumps, they lead you nowhere.
    Get your degree first, because final semesters are usually the toughest. Then go for your certification.
    Best of luck to you
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    download the demo of transcender network+ and see how you fare with that. try as many on-line practise tests as possible.
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    And after you've found all those various practice tests on the net and you start spotting mistakes in them (and you should) then you are ready, Grasshopper icon_wink.gif

    Seriously, it's all up to you. Take practice tests until you can't stand reading them anymore and be sure you can go through that list of CompTIA objectives and explain to yourself what each thing listed there is.
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    I'd agree with Cross and say to continue with your degree. If you must take it what books are you studying from? I just took it Friday, Nov. 22, and used Sybex Study Guide, All-in-One, and Passport. Scored a 820. Don't forgot about Exam Essentials v5.5 & 6. I found those to be way more helpful than the Transcenders.

    You could really just get by with the Passport and a lot of online studyguides and reading forums etc. GOOD LUCK

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