passed but disappointed

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I would like to thank people here for helping me out with this exam, namely the RIS part.

I passed the exam with 826 and I am somewhat disappointed with the result because I screwed up completely on the Desktop Environment section and yet during the exam, it progressed smoothly.

Well at least I did pass this exam as to me, at this stage, all that matters is passing it.

Since my university course is starting next week, I won't be able to do my IT Certifications too much icon_sad.gif but nonetheless, 70790 next on my list.

Thanks to you all


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    Hey, no worries. You passed the exam, it seems like you know your stuff if you know enough to realize you screwed something up, and you're looking forward to bigger and better things. Good luck on the 70-290, congratulations on this pass, and best of luck with school.

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    I wouldn't let it bother you. A pass is a pass and it is deserved. If you feel that you were weak on something for the exam, going back and re-reading some information and practicing some labs on that area would be beneficial. Good luck in school, go get that degree, and then do some certifications when you get a chance. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Take care!
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    I see, seeing that "Desktop Environment" bar being half filled didnt really appeal to me there but I passed.
    Even though the exam went smoothly, I still felt as if I needed to repeatedly bash my head on the keyboard (good thing that didnt happen).

    All I can say is that having Virtual PC really helps with revision especially for syspreping the system.

    Strangely, it has not been updated on Pearson VUE icon_sad.gif

    Thanks once again :D
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    Congrats, good luck with your Uni course and any future IT Pro exams.

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    Well done, mate.

    A pass is a pass. Don't beat yourself up about it!


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    Congrats on the pass! Nothing wrong with that score. You sound like me always trying to be almost perfect on these exams!! icon_wink.gif
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    Just wandering, is the 70290 harder than 70291? or is that vice versa.

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    Mr.Bobster wrote:
    Just wandering, is the 70290 harder than 70291? or is that vice versa.


    The 70-291 is referred to most as "The Beast." It is known to be the most difficult exam out of them all.
    “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” - Harry F. Banks
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    That sounds fun (beast)

    For the 3 MS Exams I have passed so far, I have been using only the MSPress books. Would say, doing the 70291 only with MS Press books be sufficient?
    I do not have "much" experience in the 291 stuff because most of my networking is done on Linux based systems.

    Getting me worried for that but that is a prerequisite for MCSA if I remember correctly.
    Well, time to get studying for 290.
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