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Greetings All,

I am taking 70-270 on Tuesday, and I am actually a bit nervous. I have read the ExamCram book, the Cramsession, and have practiced with various practice tests that I could find. I'm used to just absorbing material quickly, but I feel like I hit a barrier while preparing for this one.

With the practice exams that I have taken, my scores haven't been what I expected. It seems I get thrown questions from left field that were not in the material that I went over. I've noticed that a lot of questions are out to trick you, which I think is just wrong, especially for questions that have two correct answers, but one is "better."

Did anyone else have similar experiences before this exam? (maybe not have done as well on practice exams, but when took the test, performed rather well?) Any feedback, useful tips, and information on the topics you think are the most important items to look over befor the exam would be great.




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    Welcome to the site. Practice tests can often be more difficult than the actual exam. For instance, many people feel that sometimes, Transcenders can definitely be more difficult. Just make sure you feel comfortable withe the objectives that are located here and you should do fine. Also, I would recommend using material that is not designed for cramming. Many of us like to use either MSPress, Sybex, and/or Syngress as our main book. We then supplement that with Exam Cram. Many of us also use CBT Nuggets for video training. There are other video training products out there such as Learnkey, Testout, etc. as well. I have used Testout a couple of times and it seemed pretty good, but I have never tried Learnkey. Are you using a lab currently? Labs are vital to gaining the knowledge and being comfortable with the objectives presented to you for passing 70-270. If not, I would highly advise you to set up a lab. It is not expensive either since Virtualization is always a good option. There are several virtualization products out there today that suit you well.

    Vmware server (Free):

    Vmware Workstation Beta if you are running Windows Vista as your host OS (Free):

    Virtual Server (Free):

    Virtual PC 2004 (Free):

    Virtual PC 2007 Beta if you are running Windows Vista as your host OS (Free):

    Windows Server 2003 Trial (Free):

    especially for questions that have two correct answers, but one is "better."

    I wouldn't worry about this too much. There can be a couple correct answers that you will get credit for even if there are a couple of correct answers. I've seen a FAQ somewhere stating this but I cannot find it. If I do find it, I will edit this post and provide the link.

    Also, the exams are weighted, but nobody other than Microsoft knows how. For instance, lets say you get 40 questions. You will end up with scores such as 723, 867, 921, and so on. Microsoft has also stated that exams are weighted.

    Good luck on your exam!
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    Thank you for the advice. I have access to a lab setup. I work in a small hosting data center, so that has been very helpful...though it seems I have been doing more with Server 2000 and 2003 than XP stuff, except for support work. Maybe I'll setup a RIS server....

    I'll check out some of the other materal, but my only constraint is time since I am taking the test on tuesday. Thanks again!
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