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Hello mates, anyone know how to do password recovery for the series 1720, I just got a great deal off of ebay for a 1720 with a wic 1t, unfortunately it has a password on it and the seller doesn't know anything about cisco routers. I did a google and found a link on cisco's site but it shows you how to do a recovery for the enable password only. I can't login to the router at all.

Thanks in advace.
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    The same instructions for the enable password should allow you to fix anything other passwords too -- or to remove the AAA stuff.

    You can find links in the Password Recovery Procedures Doc for almost everything Cisco makes.

    Is this the doc you looked at? Once you change the configuration register to bypass the startup config you can have your way with the router and do whatever you want -- delete the startup config, load and change the startup config, create your own config and overwrite the existing startup config -- etc. Just remember to change the configuration register back when you're done.
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    Thanks for your reply mike, the documentation I found wasn't as detailed as the one u posted. I'm gona follow the instructions on this and hopefully this should work for me. Thanks again!
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    That worked thanks again Mike.
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