Is this question wrong or am I?

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Hey I was doing some prep questions and believe this answer is wrong, RouterA has a Serial address of /24 and a Fastethernet address of /24, RouterB has a serial address of /24 and a fast ethernet address of /24. To use Rip routing I figured you would put network and network on RouterA and the addresses of network and network on RouterB am I wrong or is this question wrong?
Any help clarifying this up would be helpful, it's annoying studying and feeling that the anwers you have are right and the study guide is wrong. To me it makes sense to have each other's network addresses assigned rather than the same one in both, I would not think that RouterA could communicate with RouterB's network with the config shown as the answer.


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    You are right, when you configure rip you "advertise" the networks that you are attached to. So RouterB should advertise and
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    You are right, when you configure rip you "advertise" the networks that you are attached to. So RouterB should advertise and
    Thanks, I guess for the sake of covering my tale I'll just put in all network routes in each router so for both devices I'll add:

    I took the test again doing that and got it right.
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    While I don't think it will necessarily hurt anything, I wouldn't advise you to advertise all routes on each router. Its best to just advertise the directly connected routes.
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    That config wouldnt work i mean the one suggested by the Asnwer of cisco press because if you got this routerA ---

    that would be a dis contiguous network

    Router B when router A sent the update of network router B will think but im already directly attached to network and will drop the update and vice versa

    I hope that explain better why that configuration doesn't work and why yours is correct
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    Thanks, yeah that explains it a bit better for me. :)
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    Have you downloaded the latest patches?? it has fixed a LOT of errors in the test questions.. maybe they took notice of all the emails I was sending them about incorect answers in the test exams ;)

    Go to the erata section of ciscopress website put in your ISBN number, and check whether you need to download the updated exam (quite a large download) once you have done that use the check for updates in the practice exam....

    There are still errors, but there are a lot less than there was before!!! Some of the simulations on the test even if I type them exactly as they show the answer, STILL tell me I got it wrong!!! I don't like it when the answers are wrong, but one positive is that if you nut it out and decide you are really correct and they are wrong, your understanding improves :)

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    thanks I did update my software but it didn't seem to fix that question, guess they overlooked that one or something.
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