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I passed today with a 695. I know I could have done better but for some reason the testing center was extremely loud. I could hear the test administrator talking in his office and it just kept making me lose concentration. Anyway I passed and I'm glad to get this one out of the way. I had a lot of questions of VLANs, remote access, OSI model and troubleshooting DHCP and DNS problems. Only 2 questions on MAC, 1 netware, and for some reason 5 questions on firewalls. I used Mike Meyer's passport and Network+ by David Groth, the technotes here and thats about it. I am currently enrolled in Cisco Academy at my local college so a lot of the net+ basics I knew already. Now on to security+.


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    congratulations and well done. :D
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    Congratulations, and good luck on your future exams.

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    Congratulations on your pass. I would look into trying a different testing center if at all possible. The testing centers I have been to are in a quiet area and they offer headphones for the additional "quiet experience" (Sounds like Microsoft Marketing Jargon). Good luck on Security+.
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    Congrats, good luck with the next cert!
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    Good job! :D Way to go!
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