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My standard studying routine consists of first reading the book, then taking practice exams. Then I usually make a study sheet up based off of the exam objectives, and then I go through the book and make hand written notes of anything I think may be especially important such as what each layer of the OSI is for and what devices operate at each level. I am constantly taking a practice exam.

Anybody know of any other techniques that may speed up the process?

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    I think your technique is one of the best. You know, that iterative process where you read, take practice exams, take notes, then read again... is very helpful in giving you a good grasp of the important things by rote.

    I usually follow that same process although I've been following a quite different process for a while and it proved to be rather productive. I took the practice exams first. Of course, I didn't take the whole exam at once; Instead, I focused on one main objective and answered all its questions (usually 5-15 questions). I then read the explanation and tried to thoroughly understand it. After that, I read 'only' the first reference it points to, either in MSDN or TechNet. (usually the first reference is the best). I then take down a few notes on a q-card or piece of paper. I then put the objective number or name on the back of the card. After I go through the whole material in this manner, I arrange the notes by objective and read them all over again. I wait for a week or two and then re-take the exam. Any score less than 900 means you gotta look over the material again.

    I made sure I learned from the questions rather than use them as proof of readiness. Since your brain will keep records of questions you've taken already, taking the exam after the second or third read will not be very productive. Instead you might want to throw that challenging part of the thing away and use the practice exam as your guide.

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    i usually read my book(s) and then try some practice exams that break down the questions into topics on the chapters i have read thus far. i don't think i've ever waited to complete a book before taking a prctice exam.

    i sign up to a few qod sites that send questions via email. sometimes i do them. mostly not. of late, anyway.

    sites like this are really useful. sometimes i lurk and sometimes i try to take part in discussions, asking or answering questions.

    labwork is handy, and helps understand some things better.

    i like to have some non-exam books on similar or same subjects too. they fill in some gaps and very often broaden the picture a bit. i got a book or two on networking towards the end of my a+ study and it helped to warm-me-up for network+, as well as confounding me with too much info for what the a+ was going to ask.
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