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hi cisco guyz,,
nice to be hear and hear from all of you,,

i need help,, i want to prepare for a CCNA exam, and have the following materials,
Sybex 5.0
i see a lot of difference in them,, and then recently via a wesite i found new chapters of CCNA which are niether in Sybex or TroyXXX,
i am really CONFUSED ,,plz guyz i need urgent reply and proper guidenss, as i have already looked at some of the forums out here,, but still am confused. icon_eek.gif icon_eek.gif icon_eek.gif icon_eek.gif


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    The material covered on the CCNA exam isn't defined by what you'll find in one book or another. It's defined by the exam topics listed on the CCNA page on Cisco's website. The study materials go a long way to help you prepare, but no single book covers every detail of every subject you need to know. For that reason, we always recommend you use more than one book (or other study material) to prepare.

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    The product you mentioned that starts with Troy.... is a **** product. Ignore anything it tells you. The Sybex book is great.
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    You are going to need to read lots and lots of different resources to get your CCNA. Sybex and Cisco Press are probably the most common but you will be advised to hit the documentation on the Cisco site as you study. I've seen some Troy stuff and personally think it is far too shallow for what you are going to need to learn and understand.

    The CCNA FAQ is a great place to start looking and these forums often pop up links to many other resources. Make sure you go back through months of previous posts and you will find all sorts of useful posts.

    Good Luck on you CCNA :)
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    You also need to get some hands-on experience with routers and switches, either through a simulation program or actual routers. The materials you read will make more sense when you have some experience with the products.
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