BCMSN Self-Study Guide availability

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According to Amazon, this was supposed to be released last week. However They still haven't shipped one to me, and they are saying 4-6 week availability on it. Wondering if anyone has gotten one yet, particularly from Amazon? Just curious.


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    Hi, publish date for that book is 2/15/07 but I had access to it like over a month ago on this website that I use for most of my studies.


    You can subscribe and get a monthly membership of $9.99 a month and get upto 5 slots or get the advanced membership for $39.99 and read as many books as you like. It is only convenient if your sitting in front of a PC most of your day. I'm an ISP tech and spend upto 10hrs sitting infront of my PC everyday.

    You might want to check ebay as well. If you live in the US you can purchase it from Borders bookstore and use the weekly discount for members which is anywhere from 20-30% off for members. For weeks that include a holiday its usually 30% off, like this past weekend it was 30% off for valentines. Other weeks you can almost always get it for 20% off. That is how I purchase most of my study guies.

    Check ebay too.

    Good luck!
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  • djmddjmd Member Posts: 48 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I got an email from Amazon about this. Seems as if they didn't get them when they thought they would... but it's only a week or so back.

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    The book is available and already shipping on ciscopress.com.
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    I saw it at Borders today.
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