TESTOUT? for 70-270

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I was curious of what you guys & gals think about Test Out instruction and if any of you have used them? Also can you give me examples of a good home lab setup to practice for 70-270.



  • manny355manny355 Member Posts: 134
    I can't speak on Testout seeing as i've never used them before

    but a good lab set up would be a pc with decent memory at least 512mb and virtual pc, and some free os's that you can download. I happen to have gotten a windows server 2003 25 cal with the mcse classes that I took at my local college...but i'm sure that you can get trial versions to playaround with online.

    that set up is for the budget concious...like myself!
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    Hi, I have gotton the testout software and thought that the video was very good as the instructor was very detailed on every subject that you will run into in the 70-270 exams.
    Hope this help!
    As of right now I am studying it and this web site notes and exam cram. I will be taking my exam on 70-270 hopefully around the second week of march(March madness) ha ha ha
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