Office Licensing in Windows Terminal Services

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Hi all,

As we speak i am currently putting together a report on our companies Microsoft Licesning. As it turns out we have quite an intricate network which is mainly run through terminal services. Because this is the case, licensing becomes a lot harder to track and maintain. At the moment we have enough Windows terminal server licenses for all our users but the problem we are faced with is that we have not yet started with our Microsoft office licensing.

I have looked high and low on the internet but cant seem to find any relevant articles which can help me in this matter. I have a fair idea of what needs to be done, but at the moment i am more looking at pricing before i start planning.

Almost all software seller sites have windows terminal server licenses but no one seems ot have office terminal server licenses. I have looked at quite a few suppliers and even inquired via e-mail but still have no idea.

So i guess im asking is anyine familiar with office licensing within terminal services and if so what do you roughly pay per license. Just so you know we are running Office XP, but an upgrade to office 2007 is a possiblity if starting fresh.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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    There isn't an "Office Terminal Server License", you just need enough Office licenses to cover the number of Terminal Server licenses you have. I think.
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    I agree with Blargoe. We actually discussed this with our company's License Specialist quite a few months ago. If you have 1 copy of office installed on a Terminal Server, but you have 100 clients accessing Office on that terminal server, you would need 100 Office licenses even if you only have 1 copy installed.
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    albanga wrote:
    As it turns out we have quite an intricate network which is mainly run through terminal services. Because this is the case, licensing becomes a lot harder to track and maintain.

    Nah, that is where you are thinking wrong. Licensing is easy because you can admin it all from the one admin log-in. Each user that has office software available to them on their TS log-in requires an office license.
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    Well that explains a lot why i have had trouble finding any information on it. icon_redface.gif

    Well i think there is going to be a very dissapointed financial manager when i get the figures to him. icon_eek.gif

    Oh well if someone had done it right from the start then we wouldn't be having this problem!!!
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    Contact MS if you really want to confirm things, they have been good to work with in the past. Even your software supplier should be able to make sure you are spec'd correctly.
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