Passed 640-801 with an 885

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I took the test a week ago and got a 847. This second test was harder than the first but still managed to pass it.

I used cisco press and sybex.

Oh and for all of you that have problems with prefix notation and dont want to memorize all of em I will give you a neat little chart I made to help me with it:

/PREFIX Subnet

8 16 24 255
9 17 25 128
10 18 26 192
11 19 27 224
12 20 28 240
13 21 29 248
14 22 30 252
15 23 31 254



  • georgemcgeorgemc Posts: 429Member
    Congratulations! :D
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  • GeorgeMcFly22GeorgeMcFly22 Posts: 109Member
    Congrats on the pass !
  • SlowhandSlowhand Questionably Benevolent Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 5,163Mod Mod
    Hey, man. That's definitely a passing score. Congratulations.

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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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  • D-boyD-boy Posts: 595Member
    Congrats! You going to get your username name changed?
  • GypsieGypsie Posts: 5Member ■□□□□□□□□□
  • NelieNelie Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congratulations for the passing!
  • mgeorgemgeorge Posts: 777Member
    I'm now curious of what your gonna do with your "CCNAWanabe" username lol...
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