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For some reason when I was taking the exam I just psyched myself out during the exam and would read a sentence 3 times and not know a single word in the sentence. I think the schedule of 1 exam a month is starting to wear on me.
I was weak in Manage and Maintain Group Policy, which is weird since I work with that pretty much every day. and Plan and Impliment and AD Infrastructure.
I know I did well on the Sims, but a number of the questions just felt like toss ups.

Any recommendations as to the next exam to take 297 or 298?


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    Welcome to the site and congratulations on your pass! I would recommend that you do the 70-298, especially if you are planning to eventually go for your Security specialization as 298 is a prerequisite. I personally would still look over the 297 material as it does have some good new information such as migrations, business structures, etc... Good luck to whichever you do.
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