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I am trying to console to a Cisco 2514 router. Here is my delema:

1. I am using a laptop which does not have a serial port. Only USB and ethernet RJ 45 ports. How would I connect to the router using USB port?

2. When I tried to use Hyperterminal in XP, I noticed it did not give me a choice to select COM ports, the only choice I have is TCP/IP (Winsock). Also, can't find a place to configure the Baud rate etc. I have used Hyperterminal in Windows 98 ad 2000, but never tried it in XP. Please help in if anyone knows how to configure Hyperterminal in Windows XP on a Laptop with no serial ports.

I thank you in advance! icon_redface.gif icon_redface.gif icon_confused.gif:


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    You'll need a USB to Serial adapter. Here's a linke to an old thread -- and I posted links to to 2 other older threads in that one.

    The baud rate is part of your connection configuration -- and if you don't have a serial port, you won't get the option to configure.
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