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Hi there! I was told that some techs in the field use magnetic screwdrivers to work on PCs. Is this acceptable? According to what I've read, it isn't and could be dangerous to your data.

Also, I was wondering what the advantages are in partitioning your harddrive as a dynamic disk? Where would you use this?



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    I used magnetic screwdrivers when studying for my course and no damage was made but I was also wary of the magnetic effect on memory and the HD. As long as you don't go stroking (inducing a magnetic field by rubbing one piece of magnetic material against another) the components and you only use the screwdriver for it's intended purpose.. damage shouldn't occur. Still I don't know the real science behind magnets and hardware, only applying physics to what I know about PC's.

    As for Dynamic partitioning (Win2000, XP) it is used for fault tolerance and back up.

    Simple Volumes
    Spanned Volumes
    Striped Volumes (Raid 0)
    Mirror Sets (Raid 1)
    Raid 5

    This is about as much as I can say without going into excessive detail that you prolly don't want.

    Hope it helps.

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    My hardware teacher at school told me that he has used a magnetic screw driver for working on computers for over 20 years now and have never ruined a piece of computer equipment. He believes as do I that the magnetic screw driver is the best tool for working on computers. I use nothing else but my magnetic rachet screw driver.
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    I agree

    There are many occasions that one absolutely needs a magnetic screwdriver - as long as care is taken no problems should occur.
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