No of LAB equipment required

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hi All

How many no of Equipmnet like switch ,router required for prctice
for CCNA exam.
Please reply soon.


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    There are some people who get by with just a simulator and even some with just book study. But access to real equipment, whether at work or with a home lab, is very helpful.

    A starter lab isn't too costly. The 2500 series of routers are affordable ($10-100) and are usually bought on ebay. For a switch, a 2924 is affordable ($75-100) although a 2950 ($200-400) will allow you to use the most current IOS.
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    The CCNA Forum FAQ has a home lab hardware section.

    My opinion is 4 routers will work for the CCNA -- that's 3 routers plus one to act a frame-relay switch (and maybe one of the first 3 can be a terminal server also).

    For switches, you'd want 3.... but could maybe get away with 2. Shop for the 2950s, but settle for the 29xxs. Avoid the 19xx switches.

    Real hardware is preferable.... but for the CCNA you can "get by" with a simulator.... and its fun to hear CCNAs who used a simulator complain because the real hardware doesn't work like their simulator. icon_lol.gif
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