Anyone here use the latest VMWare?

TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
I dont know how your production environments work, but VMWare has really stepped up its game. It can take a live server box with all hardware and basically create a ghost image of that server along with the HAL and is then able to run on a server machine that is a dedicated VMWARE server. Once booted it looks just like your old server hardware/software etc. It is pretty amazing how it knows to use the old hardware specs of the machine and duplicates it with software.

A company I do contract work for uses a server with 48GB of memory as a VMWare server and is getting away from using multiple hardware servers. It is amazing how quick/easy it works too. The only current bottleneck is the VMWare servers network card. However even with 12 VM servers currently running off of it in a high production hospital it hasnt seemed to tax the nic yet. I just wanted to share my .02 cents just incase anyone was looking to downsize on hardware.


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