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Sorry, again, brand new to networking. First time ever touching this sort of stuff.

I have a workstation, a switch and a couple routers. I'd like to have the workstations ping through the switch, to the router. (isn't that the goal here?)

the Aux is logically, the e0, on the router I am thinking? So what connection needs to be between the Router and the switch?

Router2503 --- Switch1900

Some sort of cross over cable? What is that cable called?

Or should it be converted to RJ45 using a transceiver, and would it then be cross over or straight through?

Is the AUX on the router and switch an alike device? Or are they internally crossed over?


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    Between your router and your switch, you use a regular straight through cable plus a transceiver for your router.

    The AUX port is for connecting to a modem. A cross over is for hub-hub, hub-switch, switch-switch, or host-host.

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    Whoop, AUI, I said AUX.
    Wow, this has been a educational couple of days.

    So alright, find a tranceiver (one in the box! W007, go Ciscokits!), plug a straight through CAt5. Do I need another transceiver on for the AUI on the switch (1900 if it matters) or can use one of the 10base-T ports?
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    You can use one of the 10Base-T ports. :)

    RJ45 on your MAU(transceiver) in normally straight throught although I've seen a few with a switch for making them crossover. Some switches have a port with the same feature.
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