CPU utlization issue

hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Member Posts: 127
hi guys

someone can tell me what is a dangerous CPU utlization percentage on a router (7513 or 7200)?


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    That depends...
  • hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Member Posts: 127
    :o well about posting the config, it's a lil' bit difficult for me, for obvious reasons.

    however i can tell you that the router has enabled the IP CEF, it has working on it

    BGP-4, has an ACL for internet incoming data filtering. Also it we mintor this router using the mrtg and a NMS.

    its links have a 28% utilization.

    thnks in advance
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    What's your current average CPU utilization... and what do you peak at?

    If the chassis isn't glowing red from the heat, I usually don't worry about it as long as I have a bunch of CPU cycles left to handle unexpected peaks.
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  • hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Member Posts: 127
    it si about 8%, no problems with heat, (it is in a site)

    i just had the doubt about what the dangerous CPU utilization is and where i can find some information to know more about the topic.

    currently i'm preparing for my CCNA exam so that's a lil' advanced topic for me but i need to know about it because at work i have some of those routers.
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    mikej412 wrote:
    If the chassis isn't glowing red from the heat, I usually don't worry about it

    Oddly enough, I use that same method to check if my car needs a tune-up.

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