Am I being ripped off guys??

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Im doing my MCSA course - paid £750 for the course and was given 4 books -
70-270 XP, 70-284 Exchange server 2003, 70- 290 & 291 - windows server 2003.
The lecturer said we get 4 vouchers to use and random lecturers said the same but i paid for each voucher and they learning center said there's no free vouchers. i pay for the book and the vouchers separately. i asked a mate and he told me that apparently for the price i paid (750) the vouchers are included because his were free and because theres 4 modules which ive named above. 1 voucher should have been given for each of those modules im studying then once they've run out i phave to then buy them.

WTF can anyone help me??????
is there a link in Microsoft i can find out, is this ture?


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    Im afraid what they offer you for what money is down to the organsation or company you are with.

    You'll need to contact them or their comsumer service department to discuss.
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