Passed with 952 first time

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Respect to you all,i wouldn't have done it with the advice from this forum.
This is my first time to post in here but for the past 9 months i been reading
this forums and using all the advice that were given out.
I took my 70-270 today(01-03-07).I was very nervous as anyone will be but i did very well.Got 952 and and now am MCP,am very happy.
Looking forward for 70-290 but not now cos i have to get to my books,doin my final year so will continue with the rest of the papers after my graduation.

70-270 is not very hard as i thot it will be but will depends on how much u studied.I could have gotten everything and i know my mistakes,it won't happen again.
Used Testout and did more than 500 questions,its quite good for simulations.Read Ms Press,back to back and overall i did more than 1000 questions for my preparation.

GoodLuck to all those who wil be taking 70-270 soon and get 1000,prove that u know ur stuff.]

Thanx to all once more.
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    Congrats! icon_cool.gif

    Don't be a stranger, keep the posts coming. You can help others who may have questions on this exam. :)
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    Congratulations! :D
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    Take a break and Celebrate icon_cool.gif
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  • DjScientistDjScientist Member Posts: 68 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys,it means a lot to me to get all these support
    Working on 293:
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